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Throughout the years, we’ve had the pleasure at Airwaves to check out all of the Okanagan’s wedding venues. From small, backyard weddings to $200,000 NHL hockey player’s weddings (complete with helicopters), we’ve seen a lot of weddings in a lot of venues. One venue that we always look forward to going to is Lake Okanagan Resort. Year after year, we have been consistently referred by this venue and our DJs always look forward to heading out there.

So what makes Lake Okanagan Resort so unique? Well to start with, they always have had an amazing staff there. This year is no different, with the awesome Kaitlyn Bolder in charge of Sales and Catering for all of the weddings at the resort. Kaitlyn studied at TRU in Kamloops, graduated from the Wedding Planner’s Institute of Canada and now is the go-to girl for weddings at the resort. She’s also working for one of the Okanagan’s best wedding planning companies who we really, really respect called Created Lovely. Many venues in town have great staff but to see a venue who has hired someone with an education in event planning, who is WPIC certified and who is working with one of the top wedding planning companies in the valley is really amazing. On the wedding day, often the venue manager and their staff is responsible for so much of your wedding and they are really the go-to person that day. It’s so nice for other vendors like us at Airwaves to have someone like Kaitlyn to turn to if we need anything.

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But the great staff is just the starting point. The next best thing is the price. We won’t divulge the pricing details (and I’m not sure if we are allowed to on our blog), but let’s just say that the resort has amazing pricing on rooms and on the actual reception venue. At Airwaves we always make an effort to ask various Kelowna wedding venues their pricing per plate as well as for venue rental fees and we keep a spreadsheet of this info. If you’d like a copy of it, please email us and we might just be convinced to send it your way. Anyways, let’s just say for the price and what Lake Okanagan offers, there are only a handful of venues in the valley that offer a similar deal. Okanagan Golf Club is another great option and one of the others that comes close in terms of pricing for the room and venue and offering. Adrienne at OGC is also amazing as a side note, so either are great options. 

The big differentiator for me is the ceremony location at Lake Okanagan Resort. I played guitar there for a wedding a few years ago and as a musician, playing in that setting was unforgettable. I can only imagine how getting married there that day must have felt. James Harnden, a popular wedding commissioner in the valley, picked me up in his Smart Car from the main resort parking lot and together we drove right down to the ceremony location on the beach. It was amazing to watch the couple get married as the waves lapped against the short with Kelowna in the background.

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Finally, a wedding at Lake Okanagan is a real treat for your guests. Every time I drive out there I am envious of the people who are on vacation. The resort itself is fairly isolated but in a good way, because it is entirely self-sufficient and cut off from a lot of the crazy partying that happens in Kelowna in the summer. It’s difficult to explain the vibe at the resort but if I were telling a friend about it I’d say the luxury of a nice hotel with the laid back, calm feeling I got from going to summer camp as a kid. There is so much to do there, the view is the best in the valley and they have a great group of people to work with. They also have the lake, tennis courts, a restaurant, lots of grass for lawn bowling, frisbee, etc. It’s just a really, really nice place for your guests from out of town to enjoy the Okanagan for a few days. Again the price is really good too for what you get (5 star service), so your guests will definitely be thanking you for having your wedding at such a cool spot.

I know this is pretty much a raving review of the resort and I’m always looking for the cons when I read these sorts of articles, so I will tell you the one and only bad part of getting married here. The drive from the airport. It’s a little bit far (About 1 hour for me) and the road is a little bit windy. But once you are there, you will be extremely happy you made the trek and you will be embrace the fact that you are so far from the wild Kelowna party animals that frequent a lot of other hotels in the summer. It’s a great family spot, with extremely beautiful surroundings, a true Okanagan atmosphere and as I said, one of the coolest, most professional wedding teams in the entire valley.

Give Kaitlyn a call and book a venue tour or get some more information. This venue is often overlooked and definitely a hidden gem in the valley.


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