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Who We Are

We are Canada’s most experienced DJ company!

Our mission is to create unforgettable experiences for our clients and empower artists to make a living doing what they love!


We love all styles of music at Airwaves. Regardless of a DJ’s personal preference, we encourage our team to regularly listen to new genres of music and expose themselves to as much new material as possible. Our standard is simple: if you can hum it, we should be able to recognize it, find it and play it for you!


We love working with and meeting new people. From coordinating with your venue or photographer, to interacting with your guests, we believe that one of the keys to a successful event is interaction. Our team is friendly and has an authentic passion for getting to know new people.


At your event, many of your guests may be meeting for the very first time. As DJ’s, it’s our job to help them get energized and have fun so that they can really get to know each other. You’ll know your party is a success when you see two strangers high fiving or having a dance off to some old-school hits.


We are Airwaves Music DJs, but you already knew that…

In fact, you probably know all about us already since you’re savvy, resourceful and likely spend WAY too much time scouring the internet in search of the perfect DJ for your event.

(Seriously, take a break and go outside!)

This means you’ve likely seen our hundreds of 5-star reviews, and watched hours of our dance-floor footage from the incredible parties that we’ve DJ’d over the years.

You probably know all about how we match our client’s with their DJ based on style and personality, and how less than 5% of the DJs who apply to our team meet our ridiculously high standards.

So rather than spending a whole page talking about all the cool things we’ve done like DJing more than 3000 events since 2007, or the multiple awards and magazine features we have, let’s talk about YOU

So, you’re planning an event and are looking for the perfect DJ to provide the music?

Congrats! That’s so exciting!

If you’re anything like the 300+ clients we work with every year then you know you want to have a fun, memorable, and energetic event that has all of your guests engaged, smiling, and having fun all night long.

If you’re really wild, you might even want an all-out dance party with everyone screaming their favorite songs at the top of their lungs, and talking about how crazy the party was for years to come!

More than that, you want to have the music actually reflect your personality and the unique vibe of the event.

The only problem…

You’ve probably never hired a DJ before which means you have no idea what to look for, or how to tell a great DJ from a trainwreck.

This is scary because you’ve probably heard all of the horror stories about DJs where:

  • Nobody dances and it’s really, really boring.
  • The DJ is unprofessional or rude and embarrasses you and all of your guests.
  • The DJ tries to be funny on the microphone and offends somebody.
  • The DJ plays cheesy, outdated music and all of your guests leave by 9 pm.
  • You can’t get in touch with your DJ for days or even weeks at a time.
  • Your DJ is so unorganized, that they mix up your must-play with your do not playlist.
  • A speaker or cable fails and your DJ didn’t think to bring a backup.
  • Worst of all, your DJ doesn’t even show up on the day of the event.
  • And much more…

Given how important this event is and how much time and effort you are putting into making it amazing, it’s no wonder that you might be feeling a little stressed out or nervous…

Don’t worry! The good news is that we get it.

And not only do we get it, but the whole reason our company even exists is to prevent you from ever having to deal with one of these situations.

This is why we started Airwaves Music in 2007 and why we are now Canada’s most experienced DJ company with more than 3000 weddings and events under our belt.

This is why our commitment to our clients is that:

You will have the amazing, fun, memorable, upbeat, energetic event you’ve always dreamed of AND, the entire process will be smooth, seamless & stress-free.

Behind the Scenes

Dewan Bayney
Dewan BayneyDirector
Maddison Vos
Maddison VosMusic Advisor
Veronica E.
Veronica E.Event Manager

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