Who We Are

We are Airwaves Music, Canada's largest DJ company! Our passion is creating the soundtrack for amazing moments, and making your event the best party your guests attend all year!

We are avid audiophiles and love building relationships with great people. We believe in the incredible power that music has to bring humans together, and we love DJing because it gives us the opportunity to do just that!


We love all styles of music at Airwaves. Regardless of a DJ's personal preference, we encourage our team to regularly listen to new genres of music and expose themselves to as much new material as possible. Our standard is simple: if you can hum it, we should be able to recognize it, find it and play it for you!


We love working with and meeting new people. From coordinating with your venue or photographer, to interacting with your guests, we believe that one of the keys to a successful event is interaction. Our team is friendly and has an authentic passion for getting to know new people.


At your event, many of your guests may be meeting for the very first time. As DJ's, it's our job to help them get energized and have fun so that they can really get to know each other. You'll know your party is a success when you see two strangers high fiving or having a dance off to some oldschool hits.

What We Do

Simply put, we make people dance and have the time of their lives. How we believe we do that however, is much more interesting and in depth. We believe in the power of culture and tribes a lot at Airwaves. A tribe to us is a group of like-minded people coming together with a common goal. Culture is how that group makes other people around them feel while they pursue that goal.

Our tribe is our DJ team and their goal is to make a living doing what they love (playing music!). The culture we create is how you and your guests feel the night of your wedding. Are you having fun? Are you filled with energy? Are we making you feel looked after and at ease? These questions are how we measure the quality of our culture.

We know you have a lot of choices out there when it comes to DJs. We've always believed that a team can provide the best possible experience. We've seen first hand the power a tribe has over one another. They begin to motivate each other to perform at a higher level over time. Eventually, the culture takes over completely and the entire group is performing at a level much higher than any single person could. We believe we've accomplished this at Airwaves and it's something we're incredibly proud of.

What We Believe In

Our most fundamental belief is that music matters and has the ability to profoundly impact our lives. The power of music is amplified when combined with deep emotions. For example, from your first school dance to your first kiss to college parties and then finally your first dance at your wedding, your life to date has had a soundtrack.

Even those who aren't passionate about music still cannot deny that their life has had a soundtrack. Music throughout history has had immense power. It has had the power to raise millions of dollars for charity, set the mood for a culture of change in the 1960s or hypnotize us for hours as children while we watched Disney movies.

As DJs at your wedding, we view ourselves as curators of music for the most important night of your life. You will never forget your wedding and if we do our job right, neither will your guests. We believe that our job is extremely important, satisfying and social.

In short, we believe that we should be very proud and excited to do what we do. We are extremely honoured to play your music, your way and to be a part of the soundtrack to your life.

Behind the Scenes

Krista B.

Music Advisor

Danice C.M.

Event Manager

Waira M.A.


Bob G.

Music Advisor

We've DJ'd Over 3000 Events!

Its hard to believe for us too, but since 2007 we've DJ'd over 3000 weddings and events across Canada. As a potential customer, that means you can be assured that we are consistently providing great wedding DJs at each of the events we book. Year over year, we are growing and are now up to 3 cities. That simply cannot happen without great word of mouth support from past customers but also strong referrals from other vendors in the industry as well. We are extremely selective about the people that join our team and are confident that we offer the best value in the country when it comes to wedding DJs.

You can check out some of our great reviews from our past customers here.

Who We Are - In Photos

Our team has grown large at Airwaves, but we haven't forgotten where we came from. We did our first wedding back in 2008 and now we're in a book and guest-speaking at universities. See the story in pictures below, moving forward through time, starting with our very first event.

DJs Les and Bird

Founding Friends

Airwaves started when a Bob and Les met through their friend John amd decided to work together. We're all still with the company.

Summerhill Winery

The Start Of It All

Summerhill Winery was the first venue we ever performed at

Bob Graham Guitarist at Airwaves

Our Very First Gig

Our Director, Bob Graham, is also a classical guitarist and performed at our first ever wedding.

Airwaves Fire Art

We're always a team, no matter where we go

This picture was taken in Australia, by Scott Macrae. He was our 3rd DJ and then rejoined us years later as our 37th.

Airwaves Growth

After 2.5 years in Kelowna, Airwaves expanded to Vancouver and Victoria and then East across Canada.

A photo of our office

Our office in the mall

We've tried out lots of crazy ideas at Airwaves. One of the most memorable was opening an office in a mall.

International Special Event's Society

Airwaves was a Director on the board with the society from 2014-2016. It's the largest events' society in the world.

Wind in Your Sails book

We're In A Book!

Business coach, accomplished entrepreneur and venture capitalist David Greer featured us in his book on entrepreneurship.

Wind in your sails book inside

We Were Given a Full Chapter!

We were featured for an entire chapter as a case study in the book "Wind in Your Sails"

Bob Graham at Capilano

We Work With Universities

We regularly guest lecture students pursuing degrees in Business and Event Planning.

Les and a Happy Bride

DJ Les and a bride, 2014.

All of our hard work has made us the best in the business at consistently doing an amazing job for hundreds of happy brides.

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