When will I speak with my DJ?
Your primary Airwaves contact is your Event Manager who can answer any questions you have and can be reached anytime at events@airwavesmusic.ca. Your Event Manager will then introduce you to your DJ via email 3-4 weeks before your event date so that you can set a time for your planning call to discuss all of the details of your event and review your online forms together. This call usually takes place 5-10 days before your event.

What do I need to provide for my DJ?

  • Access to the event venue at least two hours prior to the event.
  • Adequate electrical outlets within 50 feet of where the DJ equipment is to be located (standard household outlet – 2000 watts).
  • Adequate protection for the DJ and equipment from sun and weather conditions at outdoor events.
  • A 6′ or 8′ long banquet table with linen and table skirt.

How do I access the Airwaves Music Dashboard to complete my planning form, request list and event timeline?
You can login to your online forms here or by using the link and the login credentials that were emailed to you. If you cannot login, email us at events@airwavesmusic.ca.

When do I need to complete my forms?
Your forms must be completed no later than 2 weeks before your event date so that you and your DJ can review these forms on your planning call. Please be aware that your forms will be locked out 5 days before your event date (and/or after you click submit) to ensure that we don’t miss any last minute changes. Please ensure that you have completed your forms before the lockout date or communicate any last minute changes to your Airwaves Event Manager & DJ.

Is there a limit to the number of songs I can request in my planning forms?
We do limit the number of must plays that can be submitted to our planning forms to ensure that we are able to play them all for you while also balancing reading the crowd and taking requests. You can add up to 50 play if possible and 50 do not play as well. Keep in mind that these limits are primarily for the dancing portion of the night and if there are must play songs that you would like to hear through dinner, let your DJ or your Airwaves Event Manager know.

Can we provide our own event timeline?
Yes, you or your wedding/event planner may provide your own version of the timeline instead of completing the Airwaves Timeline form. Please email this to events@airwavesmusic.ca no later than two weeks before your event date.

Can I just email a playlist to my DJ or share an Itunes/Spotify playlist?
In the extremely rare case that your primary DJ could not perform and Airwaves had to dispatch a backup DJ, we require all of your key event information to be stored in a central location (Airwaves Music Dashboard). Please ensure that you complete your music request lists and do not just email this information to your DJ.

A song I want is not in your online database, do you have it?
The online database is just a sample of popular songs and does not reflect the actual music your DJ will have at your event. If you cannot find a song in the music database, you can add a custom song under the add your own tab.

Do you have access to foreign music or rare songs?
Quite often we will be able to access foreign music or rare songs. If we cannot find certain types of music before the event, we will request that you provide the songs via Google Drive or Dropbox. You and your DJ can discuss this during your Planning Call.

What if we want a specific song version or a cover instead of the original?
Please ensure that you include a Youtube link of the specific song version or cover that you want in the comments section of your music request lists to ensure that we provide the correct version.

When is my remaining balance due?
Your remaining balance is due no later than four weeks before your event date. We will send your final invoice 4-6 weeks before your event date. Please be aware that if total payment is not received by this date, we may not be able to perform at your event.

How can I pay my remaining balance?
Via credit card directly in your Airwaves Music Dashboard, E-transfer (inbox@airwavesmusic.ca) or via cheque to our Vancouver office. Please note that all cheques must be received no later than two weeks before your event date so ensure that you give sufficient time.

Vancouver Office Address:
Airwaves Music
#400 – 319 W Hastings St,
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1H6

What equipment do you provide?
We provide all sound, microphone and lighting equipment needed for the number of guests at your event. This includes speakers, cables, stands, 1 wireless handheld microphone, and basic dance floor lighting. We do not provide any projectors, photo-booths, smoke or fog machines. Should your officiant require a lapel microphone or you are needing additional equipment (speakers, lights, microphones) they are available upon request for an additional charge.

Can we rent additional equipment from you?
Yes, if your event requires it we can provide additional speakers, lights or mics. Please contact your Airwaves Event Manager regarding pricing.

What is a SOCAN fee and who’s responsibility is it to pay?
SOCAN administers music licenses for two types of music usage rights: Performing Rights, the public performance of recorded or live music, and Reproduction Rights, any digital or analog copies made of music. This fee is the responsibility of your venue for any musical works that are played within a public (commercial) location.

What time will my DJ arrive to set up?
Your DJ will be on site two hours before music is scheduled to start in order to set up for your event so that music is playing as your guests arrive.

Will my DJ take requests?
Yes, our motto is “Your music, Your way.” We are more than happy to accommodate your, and your guests requests either before your event in your planning forms, or during your event.

Can my DJ start or end a special song (grand entrance, first dance, walking down the aisle) at specific times?
Yes! If you have a certain portion of a song that you would like to be played or not played, ensure that you mention this in the comments section of your music request lists, and discuss it with your DJ on your Planning Call.

Can my DJ attend my rehearsal?
As our team has performed at thousands of weddings and events over the last 15+ years, attending your rehearsal probably isn’t necessary. If you feel like your venue and ceremony requirements are unusual, ask your Airwaves Event Manager and your DJ may be able to attend your rehearsal for an additional fee.

Does my DJ need a meal?
While meals are common and much appreciated they are by no means expected. Simply indicate in your planning forms whether or not a meal will be provided for your DJ and if not. If not, we will provide our own meal. A setting at a guest table is not necessary for your DJ.

Can my DJ introduce the grand entrance and our first dances?
Yes, this role is often the responsibility of the DJ and is not considered to be MC Services.

Can my DJ provide additional MC services?
Airwaves does provide MC services such as introducing speeches, calling tables for dinner, making announcements and keeping the night running smoothly for an additional $150+tax charge. Ask your Airwaves Event Manager if this is something you are interested in and have not discussed with us already.

Can you provide a generator for my ceremony?
If there is no power at your ceremony location Airwaves can provide a silent generator for an additional $150+tax rental charge. Ask your Airwaves Event Manager if this is something you are interested in and have not discussed with us already.

Do you provide video presentation (slideshow) support?
We are happy to provide the audio for any video presentations/slideshows you would like to show but we ask that someone else be responsible for running the video. Please contact your Airwaves Event Manager to learn more.

Can you provide a generator for my ceremony?
Yes, all our DJ’s have Commercial General Liability policies at 2 million coverage and a copy of their policy is available upon request.

Still have A Question?

Email your Event Manager at events@airwavesmusic.ca