Top 5 unique Kelowna wedding venues


What is the best venue for a wedding In Kelowna?

It’s no secret that Kelowna has gorgeous scenery within its immediate surroundings. It’s not incredibly difficult to find one Kelowna wedding venue that has a beautiful backdrop. I examine a few wedding venues that give these gorgeous locations a unique twist to make your wedding day that much more memorable. For you and your guests of course.

Where can I get married in Kelowna?

Looking around the Okanagan wedding venues, but coming up short on ideas?

Have you considered having your wedding at the sunset ranch golf course or in cove lakeside resort or in Okanagan golf club to experience the beautiful sceneries of Okanagan Lake and Okanagan Valley? In this blog, you will get to know the five unique wedding venues around Kelowna.

1) Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Club

You might be thinking, “Golf course isn’t all that unique for a wedding” and in some cases that can be true. This one, however, allows personalized shutting from employees to any destination on the extensive course for the ceremony, as well as for the following reception. A fun and unique twist.

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2) Casoro Ranch

If history tickles your fancy, then this is a very viable option. Situated on private property, it offers the privacy you’re after, as well as historic and beautiful buildings perfect for that perfect wedding photography to remember the day.

3) Benvoulin Heritage Church

A historic landmark in the Kelowna and Okanagan area. This church has stood up to the test of time and comes with an impressive and inspiring 1892 building date. With a Renovation done in 1986, it offers a clean and updated feel to accompany the historic portions.

4) Manteo Resort

With its close proximity to almost everything your wedding guests will want; golf, spas, mountains. It also boasts a feature that a lot of other resorts and wedding venues don’t. The Waterfront. Perfect for ceremonies this is a unique route you and your party can explore.

5) Elysium Gardens

A very romantic option. This location offers a private setting situated in the mountains, a private garden, and one of its most unique features, an apple orchard. Sure to take the romance and feel of your wedding to the next level in this luxurious wedding venue.

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