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    Why Hire a DJ for Your Corporate Event?

    Music can help tie it all together. Your event is a way for you to reach out to your audience, and you need a background score that matches your vision. Our team is willing to sit with you beforehand and talk about a playlist with transitions and music that can make the most impact.

    Airwaves has performed at over 3000+ events for over a decade with a roster of experienced DJs, and our team intends to use this experience to help you as you host your corporate event. They have also performed for seminars, trade shows, executive retreats and even product launch events.

    We have many packages available for corporate events that you can choose from. We also provide consultations with you in advance to go over any questions that you might have about your event and the music. To learn more about us consider talking to one of our Music Advisors and learn more about logistics, prices, and timing.

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    Personalized Music Experience

    Your event’s style is unique and you deserve to have the music at your party reflect your specific vision. We have designed our process to ensure that our clients get a personalized experience that suits their unique vision. Here’s how we do it:

    All Inclusive Packages

    Our corporate event packages are full service and include the following:

    Experienced DJ

    Our DJs are hired on their technical skill AND personal character, and are matched with you based on your style, vision and personality.

    Event Manager

    Responsible for monitoring your file every step of the way, your Event Manager is here to help you plan all of the details for the music at your wedding.

    24 Hour Replies

    We have dedicated support staff on standby 7 days per week to ensure that you never have to wait more than 24 hours to hear back from us.

    Online Planning Forms

    Request songs in advance, create your timeline and share all of your key information with our team to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

    Planning Consultation

    Connect with your DJ on an in-depth music consultation call before your wedding to plan all of the music and key details for your day.

    Emergency Hotline

    Just in-case, both you and your DJ have access to the day-of, Airwaves Emergency Hotline which is always monitored by our experienced support staff.

    Emergency Backup DJ

    Emergency backup DJ on stand-by on your wedding day to give you peace of mind that no matter what happens, we will be there.

    Personalized Experience

    The music at your wedding should reflect you and your unique personality and style. We make sure that the soundtrack to your day is “Your Music, Your Way.”

    Setup And Takedown

    You shouldn’t lift a finger on your wedding day, least of all a speaker. Our team will take care of all equipment transportation, setup and takedown.

    LED Dance Lighting

    High quality LED lighting to fill your venue and create an incredible, inviting atmosphere that will be sure to get your guests dancing.

    Complete Sound System

    Modern, industry standard sound system to ensure that all music, speeches and announcements at your wedding are crisp and clear.

    Wireless Mic Package

    Perfect for speeches, announcements and impromptu karaoke battles, our top of the line wireless mics are tested regularly and we always have a spare.

    The Airwaves Process

    Step 1

    Talk with a Music Advisor who will learn about your event and provide you with a personalized music plan that fits your wants and needs!

    Step 2

    Work with your dedicated Event Manager to ensure that all of the details to your event are accounted for in our online planning system.

    Step 3

    Enjoy your event with zero stress knowing that Airwaves has a thorough contingency plan for everything and has left NOTHING to chance!

    What Our Customers Are Saying:

    I booked with Airwaves for the dance party on the final night of our national association’s annual conference.

    The process was very streamlined and easy, and every person I worked with was incredibly accommodating and kind. Mukhi was our DJ, and he is such a dear man and a great DJ!

    He really kept the party going on to the very last second. Airwaves might seem pricy, but you are very much paying for a high quality experience, and it’s WORTH IT. Thanks to the Airwaves team!

    Kim Woody

    We used Airwaves for Staff Christmas Party and they were great.

    The DJ that we got, Brad, was professional and very helpful. We did a dance competition and he facilitated the whole thing.

    I would highly recommend them!

    Ada Sodh

    We booked Airwaves for our fundraising gala and they were amazing!

    From the pre-planning which allows you to set the playlist to the DJ customizing the music based on guest demographic and engagement, everything was perfect.

    I would not hesitate to book Airwaves again.

    Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Gala

    Our experience with Airwaves was nothing but positive.

    Our DJ took the theme of the night and needed very little guidance to run with it. It was a 500 person event with jazz music, and the ambience created by the DJ was awesome!

    Would definitely recommend.

    Jennalyn Christopherson

    Airwaves was such an easy and great company to work with.

    Their website is the perfect planner, and makes it easy to communicate with the company/DJ. With their guarantee, you know you will have a DJ at your event no matter what!

    I very much enjoyed working with them.

    Veronique Labrosse

    Airwaves is such a reliable and professional company!

    Everything is well thought out from the planning process until the day of. Everyone on the team is so helpful and organized. It made hiring a DJ for our Christmas party so easy. DJ Sammy was there the day of the event and he was fun, professional and prepared. Our staff commented on the music and what a great DJ we had.

    We definitely recommend Airwaves and would use them again.

    Alyssa G


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