What Styles Of Music Genres Are Popular In Canada?


Out of all the music genres, the popular music genres depend on people’s preferences. People from different areas vibe to different music genres. But the emergence of electronic dance music or EDM as it is called is changing the game. Now that we know which styles of the musical genre might be popular, let’s see what genres of music DJs play.

What type of music do DJs play?

The DJs playing at the wedding have to comprehend the relevance of matching music to the wedding’s theme. The celebration has to be made memorable with music that is upbeat and fits the theme well otherwise. If music and theme do not well complement, then the event might not be stand out to be what you expected. There are several genres of music that are quite perfect for various kinds of themes. The following list comprises a small sampling of different music genres and styles that could be incorporated into the weddings that are themed.

How do you select different genres?

Music genre, a categorization of music that identifies pieces of music belonging to a set of conventions. There are various popular music genres, such as pop music, hip hop, country music, rock music, traditional folk music, electronic music, EDM, rap music, soul music, classical music, techno music, traditional music, art music, modern jazz, Latin music, and many more. Let’s dive into some of the most popular ones!

Bollywood Music

For ceremonies that are inspired by Indian and Hindi movies, Bollywood music tends to be the perfect fit for the entertainment of reception. These songs are a part of the Indian culture of pop and come often from Bollywood films. Dances feature routines and it is the most fun thing for anyone to join in. To bring together the best party an airwaves DJ can also do a remix of the current film songs with the yesteryear music.

Irish Music

If there is a Celtic theme that has been planned for the wedding then there is Irish music that you might feel like including at the reception party. Therefore, expect an airwaves DJ to play both slow and fast songs along with another wide category of songs that you can choose from. One can also select music for performing Irish Jigs too.

Country music

For weddings that are country-themed, country music can be the best pairing. There are all kinds of songs dating back to many decades back, almost as old as the 1920s. As per your choice, you can always choose from the music artists of a modern country who have been popular throughout their lives.

Swing Music

This genre of music works exceedingly well, mostly with weddings that have a fairytale theme. There are various kinds of music styles and the waltz is considered the most popular one. The Viennese waltz has is known to be the oldest in dance styles of the ballroom, since 1559. There are both faster and slower songs that can be found depending on a period that is trying to be recreated for the wedding.

No choice is wrong or right

Keeping aside specific genres of music, one can opt for the selection of music from a specific time period. It is also quite acceptable for you to select a song’s mixture fitting the theme of your wedding.


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