Being a professional Kelowna wedding DJ is truly an exciting and fun career. It has allowed our DJs the opportunity to experience a wide array of wedding ceremonies and receptions from traditional weddings to multi-cultural infusion weddings. Over the past seven years, our DJs have provided entertainment at over a thousand weddings. We want to share with you our top five reasons why we love DJ’ing as we look forward to thousands more weddings in the future.

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1. Different and Original Dance Routines

Inspiring people to get up and dance at the reception and keeping them entertained is just part of the reason we love to DJ. It is always exciting to see the bride’s grandfather break dancing or the groom performing a special choreographed routine with the groomsmen for his new bride.

You also get to enjoy witnessing a wide variety of dance styles from guests of all ages so there is always something to look forward to at every performance. It is equally fun watching younger adults trying to teach their parents or grandparents the latest dance move or vice versa.

2. Meeting New People and Making New Friends

It is inspiring to get to meet new people and make new friends while providing entertainment at their weddings. You never know the interesting people you will meet and the stories they share about their life experiences. You could even encounter actors, astronauts, foreign dignitaries, and professional athletes.

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3. Traveling Throughout Canada and Abroad

Our DJs not only perform here in Kelowna, but also throughout Canada. Some of the cities we have performed at in Canada include Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary. Some of our DJs have had the opportunity to travel abroad for destination weddings in the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Europe and the United States.

4. Different Types of Love

There are so many different types of love you get to see and experience at weddings while performing that just puts a smile on your face to provide the very best entertainment experience for everyone at the reception. Of course there is the intimate love between the newly married couple. Then you get to experience the love between parents and children, siblings, and grandparents and grandchildren. You even get to see new romantic love developing between some of the guests at the reception.

5. Wedding Cake

Who doesn’t like seeing all the different styles, designs and types of wedding cakes? Our DJs have seen traditional tiered cakes, cakes with chocolate fountains, cupcake wedding cakes, and intricately designed cakes that look like fairy tale castles. Plus, getting to sample all the different flavours and types of cakes is an added bonus!

For a fun, exciting, and truly memorable entertainment experience at your wedding reception, please feel free to contact Airwaves Music at 604-375-4693 to book one of our wedding DJs today! We would be happy to perform at your wedding in Kelowna, Victoria, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, or elsewhere in Canada or aboard.

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