Seven Differences Between a Great Wedding DJ and a Not So Great Wedding DJ

There is a difference between good and great wedding DJs. Becoming a great DJ is something any wedding DJ can do, so long as they are committed. Since wedding DJs are the focal point of the wedding reception and celebration, it is essential to ensure the couple and their guests have a remarkable experience they will remember a lifetime.


  • Discuss the Little Details


Prior to the couple’s special day, great DJs take the time to go over some of the basic details that tend to get overlooked. They make sure to ask questions, such as:

  • Do you have a set schedule or itinerary you want to follow?
  • At what times do you want music played?
  • Are there any cultural issues to be aware of?
  • What equipment will the venue provide?
  • What time do you want me to arrive?


  • Clearly Define Expectations


A great DJ goes over the couple’s expectations and what they desire from the DJ. This lets the DJ know what responsibilities the couple expects them to handle. In addition, the DJ goes over their expectations with the couple.


  • Arrive on Time


Being late is not an option. If the DJ has to travel a long distance, a great DJ will arrive the day before and get a hotel room. They will also arrive early to ensure everything will be set up on time and there are no issues they need to address.


  • Maintain a Level of Professionalism


From their first interactions with the couple and throughout the entire wedding reception, great DJs remember they are there to provide a service. This means acting like a professional, even if the couple is telling the DJ it is okay to let loose or have a few drinks.


  • Continuously Read the Crowd


Great wedding DJs know how to gauge and read crowds to know when it is time to change things up. All it takes is playing that one song to get people out of their seats and out on the dance floor.


  • Know How to Manage Song Requests


Song requests are going to happen at some point during the reception. Great DJs will have already discussed how the couple wanted to handle requests. Most couples are okay if immediate family, bridesmaids, and groomsmen request songs, but want DJs to stick to their playlist as much as possible. For example, if the best man or maid of honour requests a song, a great DJ will work the song into their set.


  • Be Flexible


A wedding DJ is just one vendor the couple will be hiring. They might forget to tell the DJ about certain details or overlook something. Great DJs arrive fully prepare and just go with the flow if things come up. Their goal is to make sure the couple and their guests have the best time celebrating their special day.

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