A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Professional Wedding DJ

Maybe you are not getting enough time DJing at club gigs. You might have heard you can make some decent money by becoming a wedding DJ. Maybe you do not want a career trapped behind a desk working a typical nine-to-five job. No matter your situation or reasons, getting started as a wedding DJ does take some commitment and time. The professional wedding DJ industry IS NOT where you want to start your DJ career.

Some advice you will want to consider is that professional wedding DJs have developed experienced outside of the wedding industry at nightclubs, corporate events, and other areas where they develop their skills. It is these skills, like being able to read a crowd and gauge how well they like your music that you cannot learn without spending some time outside the wedding world.

Airwaves Music - How to become a DJ

Secondly, and equally important is you need to have some knowledge of all types of music, not just what is currently trending and popular. This could require doing some independent study, taking music courses, and learning how to play various instruments. You will also need to learn how to mix songs using various DJ platforms and equipment.

Thirdly, you will need to be able to invest in various equipment to play and mix music on. Whether it is purchasing and downloading DJ mixing apps on your computer or buying actual physical mixers, you should have some money set aside.

These first steps are just the beginning of becoming a wedding DJ. Even after developing your musical skills, investing in equipment, and getting some club bookings does not mean you are ready to perform at weddings on your own. Most DJs that want to get into weddings do so with the help of a professional DJ company, like Airwaves Music.

Airwaves Music - How to become a Wedding DJ

Becoming a professional wedding DJ entails more than just helping the couple choose a playlist and performing it at their wedding reception. The couple is hiring you to provide them with an exceptional experience to further enhance their special day. This requires you to work with other vendors, like the photographer, videographer, and others to make sure everyone is in sync.

For instance, you would not want to just start playing the couple’s first dance song if the photographer and videographer aren’t ready. The same is true if you will be playing a song during the cake cutting. You would want to check with the wedding planner or caterer to verify everything is prepared and the couple is ready to cut their cake.

Most importantly, remember every wedding is different and unique. Each will have its own requirements that need your full attention and ability to adapt. If you still want to become a professional DJ or have further questions about what you should do before transitioning into the wedding industry, please feel free to contact Airwaves Music at 1-888-676-7772 today!

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