15 Entertainment Ideas for Wedding Events in Vancouver, B.C

How do I choose wedding entertainment?

It’s all about that special day for you and your significant other. You’ve been planning your wedding in Vancouver for months. Then the thought strikes you that you don’t have any entertainment planned out for the day yet. Hiring a DJ might be one of the first things to come to mind. As wonderful an idea as that may be, other types of wedding entertainment ideas can be more than appropriate for your once-in-a-lifetime day. Think about what you and your loved one like, as far as personal taste goes.

What do you do at a wedding instead of dancing?

Do you have any unique things that you both enjoy, which are a little out of the box? Does one of you like sweet, smooth jazz and the other is a fan of hard rock band? Why not find a way to combine the things you both enjoy. The city is host to plenty of top talents in the music industry and performance arts with an immense portfolio of wedding recreation services in Vancouver. If one of you likes jazz and the other enjoys rock band, then you can easily hire two bands to play your favorite songs at different points of your weddings after party. Why not put on your own concert for your wedding day?

Awesome Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Some of the top wedding recreation services in Vancouver are also some of the most well-known and respected in the area. The sky is the limit with what types of wedding entertainment you can hire. Do you have a theme that would invite a belly dancing group to put on an exotic performance for you and your guests? Or is the circus more to your preference? Salsa dancing, karaoke, and portable bowling services are just a few of the many options to choose from.

Here are the best 15 wedding entertainment ideas

1. Hire a specific event planner

One of the most effective ways to spend your wedding day is by hiring a specific event planner in Vancouver. This person will be able to take care of the details for you and help you have the best day ever.

An experienced Wedding Planner has so many ideas, how to entertain guests, how to organize the ceremony and reception, where to buy decorations for a cake table and other important things.

There is no need for you to worry about anything at all. The events planner will take care of everything from A to Z in a brilliant way. You can just relax with your family and friends, enjoy champagne and your favourite tune at the drinks reception.

2. Hire an Amazing Singer

The kind of entertainer you hire for your wedding is completely up to you and your tastes. One of the most talented people in Vancouver is a singer who has years of experience performing at weddings.

He or She will guarantee your guests will be singing along with her all night long and He or she’ll share some funny childhood stories about the bride. You can also hire one of those amazing singers who can perform at your wedding.

While many will suggest hiring a DJ for his or her skills at keeping the floor crowded all night long, there is no reason you cannot have a special singer serenade the crowd.

3. You Can Hire Local Musicians Who Can Rock Your Wedding Party

Are there any local musicians in your area who can put on a kick-ass performance? Whether he or she likes to sing, play an instrument, or perform on stilts, local artists are always great choices for any type of event in Vancouver.

Live music is a great way to make your guests feel like they’re at a concert. Hiring a live band for your reception might be the perfect choice for you! Whether it’s jazz or rock, many music styles can offer something different for your guests.

Hiring a live DJ will be perfect for you if you have some eclectic tastes in music and just want someone to mix up songs and keep the dance floor crowded all night long.

Whether he or she knows how to read the crowd or not, DJs are often quite skilled at handling various aspects of their craft. You can also Hire an Acoustic Duo if one of you prefers acoustic music.

4. Offer Your Own Cocktail Bar

Cocktail Hour! Offering your own whisky bar is another great entertaining idea. Having your own bar at home with friends and family is always a pleasure.

You can even offer some special cocktails for all the guests at your wedding venues, such as shooters or anything else you prefer when the guests arrive.

5. Ice Cream Stall

Installation of an Ice Cream Stall at your Wedding venue will be one of many great delightful ideas at your wedding reception. Installing these stalls is a popular choice for weddings in Vancouver and around the globe. Ice Cream stalls are full of fun, colour and great delight to both children and adults alike!

People love ice creams, and it’s a universal fact! On your wedding date, you can hire an Ice Cream Stall and serve your guests’ ice creams and other fun snacks. You don’t have to walk around with a big basket giving everyone two squares of chocolate as they do at weddings in movies.

6. Hire a Caricaturist

Caricaturists are now becoming very popular in Wedding Events. They surprise the guests with their talent of making the caricatured pictures of the guests.

A caricaturist will draw photos of your guests while they are at the wedding, which can be a great idea for entertainment. You needn’t hire an expensive artist if you do not want to; instead engage in Mascot characters with foam ears and noses, or clowns who perform tricks.

7. Karaoke

Karaoke can be another fun way to get even more brilliant, hilarious and enthusiastic persons among all your guests at your wedding Venue. Search for a singer or a band that specializes in Karaoke.

Here also you’ll get help from your experienced wedding event planner who will make sure your guests get to have fun at the Karaoke event on your wedding day and create such amazing memories in their minds.

8. Magic mirror photo booth

Hiring a professional wedding photographer in Vancouver is a great way to capture your perfect day. Your memories will be forever preserved with these photos, and they can give you plenty of photoshoot options to choose from when it comes to albums of pictures.

Pick up as many memories as you can at your wedding by having a videographer there to film everything! You’ll be able to watch your big day over and over again and see every thrilling moment that was captured in those videos.

A magic mirror photo booth can be a great fun idea to entertain guests. The guests will have a chance to capture fun wedding photos as memories with their family and friends at that photo booth.

9. Pianist or keyboardist

If you like to listen to some classical music, hire a pianist or keyboardist. They will play classic songs for your guests to enjoy while they enjoy drinks with their family and friends.

No need to hire a DJ – Xylophone Player will do the job just fine! A xylophonist playing your favourite tunes on a xylophone will be a great entertainment option for your guests. Remember when you were a kid and you played on that instrument? There is nothing better than this nostalgic feeling to entertain people.

And if you are hiring an Emcee then your wedding emcee should know when the party started how to keep things fun and entertaining all night long.

10. Arrange a Dance battle

Another popular wedding entertainment idea is a dance battle. The bride and groom stand on opposite sides of the dance floor and take turns asking guests to dance. If a guest declines, it’s their turn again, but if the guest accepts, they’ll trade places with the dancer who originally asked them to dance. When you hear someone say “Yes,” you step onto the dance floor and take turns dancing with each other until someone says “No” again or when one person decides to end the battle.

When there are only two people left on the floor, then they have to face off against each other and that’s where you get to see who is a better dancer.

11. Have the arrangement of Silent disco

Weddings are all about having so much fun and this can be one of the most entertaining ideas at your wedding reception since it offers an opportunity for everyone to get involved and break the ice.

A Silent Disco is the perfect way to get people involved and break some ice.

These discos are becoming extremely popular these days, and they are the perfect option if you want a fun but low-key wedding that doesn’t cost too much money. Normally this disco is when everyone wears headphones and listens to a different song without anyone being able to hear what anyone else is listening to. You have a DJ with all the musicians who can just plug into any device that has Bluetooth so it’s easy for them. The DJ will also be playing music on speakers for people who aren’t wearing headphones so everyone can still be dancing, but the effect of headphones on makes it feel like you’re in your own personal world where no one can bother you.

12. Playing Party Games is One of The Great Ideas

Another trend that has really taken off in the past few years is some post-ceremony games. Here are a few trendy post-ceremony games you can play to get your guests feeling like they’re back at the prom.

One of the most popular games is “The Newlywed Game,” where you give out prizes for answers. You can also have a game where guests need to match couples in your wedding party, or they need to find clues at which table people are sitting based on their name. The other way that brides like to incorporate games into their reception is by having a scavenger hunt for the bride and groom. For example, one thing that might be on the list would be an item from their first date.

13. Desserts Cart

Creating a dessert cart is one of the best wedding entertainment ideas you can try to surprise your guests. The desserts will be on display in the carts so that guests can just help themselves to whatever they like.

How it works is you take your cart out and set up a few tables for guests to stand at and serve them off of. This gives your servers somewhere to put the food down while they’re serving it, and it also allows your guests to have their own space where they can converse with each other. The other advantage of having a dessert cart is that you are not tied down at any one table, so it allows you to roam around and visit with your guests.

14. Hire the Best Fire dancers

Fire Dancers are far different from live bands but can also entertain guests. Many different varieties of fire dancers can be found. Many come from Asia and perform a variety of music, not only Indian or middle eastern themed songs. Fire performers really bring the entertainment factor up several notches!

15. Finish the Night off with a Fab Fireworks Display

You can finish the night off with a fab firework dramatic display. Fireworks and Fire breathers not only bring the entertainment factor up, but they can also add a WOW factor to your wedding reception guests. They both are fast becoming the perfect party entertainment for all occasions.

You can finish up your creative wedding reception with this amazing display!

There are some other delightful wedding reception entertainment ideas for a fun wedding evening, like themed winter wedding, special wedding cake, table trivia, first dance, keeping a bridal guide & create a guest book. You can try as this is a big day for you.

Get creative, look it up, and you’re likely to find it offered for your wedding day in the great city of Vancouver.

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