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Having a wedding is memorable in everyone’s lives. However, it may not be too memorable for your guests if the music is not that nice. Music is something that a lot of people can bond over if you choose a bad DJ that only plays one music genre, there’s a possibility that no one will be on the dance floor or having fun. Our passion is creating the soundtrack for amazing moments, and making your event the best party your guests attend all year!

Airwaves Music - Wedding Music

What We Believe In

Our most fundamental belief is that music matters and has the ability to profoundly impact our lives. The power of music is amplified when combined with deep emotions. For example, from your first school dance to your first kiss to college parties and then finally your first dance at your wedding, your life to date has had a soundtrack.

Even those who aren’t passionate about music still cannot deny that their life has had a soundtrack. Music throughout history has had immense power. It has had the power to raise millions of dollars for charity, set the mood for a culture of change in the 1960s or hypnotize us for hours as children while we watched Disney movies.

As DJs at your wedding, we view ourselves as curators of music for the most important night of your life. You will never forget your wedding and if we do our job right, neither will your guests. We believe that our job is extremely important, satisfying and social.

In short, we believe that we should be very proud and excited to do what we do. We are extremely honored to play your music, your way and to be a part of the soundtrack to your life.

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We’ve DJ’d Over 3000 Events!

It’s hard to believe for us too, but since 2007 we’ve DJ’d over 3000 weddings and events across Canada. As a potential customer, that means you can be assured that we are consistently providing great wedding DJs at each of the events we book. Year over year, we are growing and are now up to 3 cities. That simply cannot happen without great word-of-mouth support from past customers but also strong referrals from other vendors in the industry as well. We are extremely selective about the people that join our team and are confident that we offer the best value in the country when it comes to wedding DJs.

When you hire Airwaves, you’re hiring an entire behind the scenes team, not just a single DJ.

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