Why You Should Hire a Wedding DJ for Wedding Entertainment

When most couples are planning for their upcoming wedding, they will want some form of entertainment at their wedding reception. While you certainly have a variety of different options from live bands to wedding DJs, hiring a professional DJ is a decision you will not regret and here’s why:

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1. Professional wedding DJs live and breathe music all the time.

Even when they are not performing at a wedding reception, professional DJs are constantly working to improve their performances. They might DJ at local nightclubs or perform at corporate and private parties and events. In addition, they take time to review current popular songs, update their music libraries, and spend time practicing.

2. Professional wedding DJs know how to read crowds.

You cannot expect guests to get up and dance if they do not like the songs being played. Professional DJs know how to gauge the crowd, different moods, and other aspects that can quickly change from one moment to the next during your reception. They are skilled at mixing together songs seamlessly so that guests will want to spend some time on the dance floor, no matter their age.

3. Professional DJs are fully invested in their performances.

For a professional, being a DJ is their career. They want to make sure their performances are memorable and enjoyable for everyone. As such, they want to help you create the right mood to have a successful reception that will leave everyone talking about it long afterwards. In addition, there reputation is on the line and they will ensure they deliver their best performance.

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4. Professional wedding DJs help you direct the flow of the reception.

From the moment guests first start arriving to the very last dance and song of the evening, your professional DJ plays a big part in controlling and directing the flow of events. They work alongside your wedding planner and other vendors to make sure music is played at the right times. Additionally, they can help avoid long periods of silence, such as playing some soft background music during dinner.

5. Professional DJs can adapt on the “fly” to unexpected changes.

Professional DJs come prepared just in case you have last minute changes or requests. For instance, you may have forgotten to mention it was your grandparents’ anniversary and you would like the DJ to play the song they first danced to at their wedding. For the professional, this is not an issue and they are more than happy to accommodate your last minute request.

6. Professional wedding DJs have access to the latest and best equipment.

Sound quality is not a major concern for couples that choose to hire a professional DJ. They know the DJ will have a fully functional and optimal setup to deliver the best sounding music all night long. Plus, they arrive with “backup” equipment just in case something should fail, like a speak blows out or a laptop crashes.

For a truly memorable, fun, and exciting wedding reception, please feel free to contact Airwaves Music at 1-888-676-7772 today to book one of our professional wedding DJs in Kelowna, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Toronto or Ottawa!

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