Ideas To Spice Up Your Wedding

Everyone wants their wedding to be better than the next. We all want to have the best dress, and the best food, but there is really only one way for your wedding to rise above the rest; being memorable.

Having something unique at your wedding is one sure way for everyone to remember it for years to come. We know that weddings can cost a fortune and adding extra stuff is not always in the budget, but here are some relatively low cost ways to distinguish your wedding from the rest:

8 Ideas For Your Wedding

1. Customized Cocktails

These can be served as guests arrive to cocktail hour or set up at a bar during the reception. Make it something fun and delicious (have a day where you and your partner test out different flavours). For all the fall weddings coming up check out Martha Stewart’s website that lists original custom cocktails with a fall twist.

2. S’mores Station

This is one of my favourite ideas for a wedding. Who doesn’t love s’mores? This is a fun idea to have as an after dinner treat. Whether you’re having a backyard summer wedding or a winter wonderland theme, this idea is perfect for all seasons.

Ingredients are relatively cheap to buy (depending on your amount of guests) and will give everyone that sugar fix. Think about creating a cute setup that matches your theme like in the picture below or hiring a catering company that will bring the s’mores to you.

3. ShotSki

Now for those of you who want to get the party going, this is the idea for you. If you grew up in Canada, or near a ski town you will most likely have played this during college; it even originated at UBC.

All you need for this idea is an old ski (you can usually get someone to give you one), four shot glasses, and glue! Your guests will definitely have a blast playing this drinking game; you can even do a few rounds with juice so that everyone can participate!

4. Mash Potato Bar

Looking for ways to make dinner a little bit more interesting? How about a mash potato bar? This may sound a little boring but who doesn’t love some good old mash potatoes. The bar should include different types of potatoes a few examples being russet, yam, and sweet potatoes. Then have guests choose from a large array of toppings like bacon, onions, cheeses, beans, and sour cream. Lastly, have lots of gravy options to pour on top.

5. Bride and Groom Trivia

This is a great idea to get all your guests entertained and laughing during the reception. You and your partner write down things most people wouldn’t know about you, then have your MC read them out to the audience and get them to guess who they think did it. This can be hilarious, especially if no one knows you’ve been arrested twice.

6. Song Requests

This is one that our DJ’s at Airwaves would definitely love. I’m sure you have all been to a wedding where guests keep going up to request songs. Our DJ’s are happy to take requests but why not ask your attendees to write down their top three song requests on the RSVP card, then you can hand this to the DJ and they can make sure everyone’s favourite song gets played.

All your guests will be so excited when they hear one of their songs come on and it will get everyone on the dance floor.

7. Hangover Cures

Especially if you go with the idea of a signature cocktail bar guests are going to be needing some help to get them through the morning. Hangover cure parting gifts are a unique way to say thank you for coming at the end of the night. Send everyone off with a little pouch that includes Tylenol, a small Gatorade, gum, an Emergen-C packet, and just about anything to get you through that hard next morning. These are easy D.I.Y gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

8. Midnight snacks

After all the dancing and games, your guests are bound to need a little snack before heading home for the night. A little midnight snack will have everyone leaving with a smile. Some delicious ideas include grill cheese, french fries, hamburger sliders, milk and cookies, or if you want to go all out hire a food truck.

If you decide to go with milk and cookies, Letterpress Bakery in Vancouver will customize your cookies with your initials on them, cute and delicious!

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