Three Signs of a Great DJ

At Airwaves Music, the conclusion of another bustling weekend, with weddings spanning across Kelowna, Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, and Toronto, marks a moment of reflection for the seasoned team. As the company navigates through its eighth year, the process of selecting the perfect DJ for each event has been refined through extensive experience. For those curious about how Airwaves Music selects its talent, both brides-to-be looking for the perfect wedding DJ and business owners in the wedding industry will find value in understanding the company’s hiring philosophy.

Over the years, it has become clear that the best DJs at Airwaves Music share three common characteristics. These traits are consistently present among the top performers and noticeably absent in those who do not mesh well with the company’s standards.

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The Traits that Signal You’ve Found a Great DJ:

In the bustling world of event planning, particularly when it comes to hiring a DJ, certain qualities are indispensable. From a seasoned event organizer’s perspective, there are three non-negotiable criteria that a DJ must meet to ensure they are the right fit for any successful event.

Firstly, humility stands out as the paramount trait. Early on in the days of Airwaves Music, a crucial lesson was learned: an ego does not equate to confidence. Initially mistaking arrogance for self-assurance, Airwaves Music now emphasizes that true professionalism is rooted in humility. If a DJ boasts of their greatness rather than letting their reputation speak for itself, it’s a clear indicator to continue your search.

Secondly, versatility in a DJ’s career is critical. A competent DJ should not limit themselves to only weddings but should be engaged in a variety of events. This continuous interaction with diverse crowds keeps their skills sharp and their passion alive. Limiting oneself to a single type of event often signals a lack of genuine passion for the art of DJing.

Lastly, responsiveness is a key indicator of a DJ’s interest and professionalism. If a DJ communicates in a sloppy manner, such as using all lowercase in emails, or if they are sluggish in returning calls or emails, this suggests a lack of professionalism and enthusiasm. Much like the nuances of dating, responsiveness can either signal keen interest or a disheartening disinterest.

For anyone in the midst of hiring a DJ, these insights are invaluable. A DJ lacking in any of these three key areas is likely not the best choice for an event where music plays a pivotal role in the success and enjoyment of the occasion.

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