At Airwaves Music, we love to DJ weddings. We are a company of young(ish) guys and girls who believe that wedding DJs can be modern and cool while still appealing to the older guests and keeping the atmosphere fun and interactive. One of our goals was to reinvent the wedding DJ to turn down the cheese and to turn up the class! But our goals alone don’t define us and we DJ weddings for a much bigger reason that we are very passionate about. We believe that music has the ability to create lasting relationships and that’s why our mission statement at Airwaves is to “Make the World a Better Place By Connecting People to Each Other Through Music”. If you think about that, that’s a pretty bold goal but we actually believe we can do it and have been doing it at each and every wedding we’ve performed at.

Whether your wedding is a wild party that lasts all night, or a conservative cocktail hour, we believe that what our couples want is always the same. To show their guests and amazing time and to create lasting connections between each other and their loved ones. Often times you go to a wedding and aren’t sure what it will be like to meet a bunch of new people for the first time. These people will effectively become part of your family, so there is a fair amount of pressure on everyone involved. As well, weddings are supposed to be fun, so you definitely want to feel like you are able to let loose and just be yourself. At Airwaves, we do much more than DJ, we help you connect and we do that by playing the right music at the right moment. We carefully read the crowd and interact with you and your guests to build a relaxed and open relationship as the night goes on. Our goal is to help you create the ideal experience for you and your guests. If everyone feels happy, excited and most of all connected to one another then we’ve done our job.

If you think about it, you aren’t looking for someone to just play the music. That would be easy to find. What you really want is someone who makes you look like a rock star by showing everyone at your wedding an unforgettable time. At Airwaves, we are the nations leading experts at doing just that.