AirwavesWhistlerWinter weddings are not as in demand as summer and spring weddings. Even fall for that matter. It can mean savings on venues and other wedding amenities due to the lack of demand. This doesn’t mean they will be dirt cheap by any means, but weddings in BC and Alberta have some great options. Cities like, Kamloops, Kelowna, Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary have some great venue options just a stones throw away.

Not sure if you’ve heard, but Canadian winters can get cold. Especially Alberta and BC cities away from the coast. However, a common Canadian pass time in these winter months also doubles over as a great option for hosting a wedding. I am of course talking about skiing. Some of the worlds most renowned resorts are right in our own backyard and guess what… they have large reception halls and a lot of housing for guests.

BC and the interior cities more specifically have the fabulous option of Whistler. Nestled to the North of Vancouver in the dense wilderness has all the ingredients for a magical winter wedding. Giving your wedding guests the option to get away for the weekend is nothing to shake your head at. Being able to let loose on the slopes with family and friends is a great way to lour them into your wintery wedding. Calgary, and Edmonton for that matter have the western Calgary destination of Banff, which acts as BC’s whistler. With great housing options for all your guests and deals on lift tickets for them as well, especially if a larger quantity of people are at hand. These weddings can save you money due to the off season bookings. Keep these locations in mind for these colder months, cause they do tag along beauty with them.


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