Having lived in Vancouver for over two years now, one glaring thing i have learned about this city is how unreliable and un-cooperative the weather can be. Its such a cliche topic to write on, or even talk about, but i constantly find myself doing so, especially when i’m around others. It seems as if everyone I talk to has to pitch their two cents about the weather, as if we wern’t all expecting certain trends to arrive in certain seasons. I am no exception to this.

The outdoor event and wedding industries are not immune to this. Bookings of weddings in the fall and spring months are certainly common, but doing so you roll the dice against mother nature. Its not uncommon to see a 7 day forecast of sun turn into 4 days of rain and vitamin D deficiency. All though i am in no way saying not to plan a wedding during these months, its just something that every bride has to be conscience of. A beautiful day in Vancouver can be unparalleled to almost any place on earth. But if you want the foliage and all the glories that come along with these seasons, keeping an open and understanding mind is crucial.