Vancouver Hidden Gen- Vancouver Wedding Venue.


Vancouver Art Gallery Vancouver Musicians

I have had the pleasure of witnessing the magic of this venue first hand. The Vancouver Art Gallery is an impeccable historical building with wonderful idyllic features. It is the center, and focal point of our city. Most importantly, it’s one of the most untapped  wedding venues. What’s perfect about the VAG is that you as a bride, can come in and create your wedding exactly how you envision it. From the chairs, to the shape of your tables, to your décor and caterer; it can all materialize from the wing  of your imagination and can become a tangible reflection of you and your fiancé’s style. The beauty of the VAG is each wedding is transformed into something spectacular. No two weddings are alike.

What is particularly special about the VAG is the floor plan. If you buy out the lobby, the Forecourt and Rotunda you can hold up to 500 people or 200 seated. The Rotunda is a popular place to have the ceremony, it is the center of the Art Gallery. The Rotunda dome circulates up through all the floors of the gallery and have two twin marble staircases that makes for an iridescent bridal walk. What is my most favorite part of the Rotunda is the way the musicians’ sound carries and envelopes the whole gallery. With the dome shaped roof- it gives  music an extraordinary edge. The music you walk to will be full and impressive. A trait most overlooked in ceremony venues!