1) Aruba

With some of the most predictable weather in the world, this is definitely a front runner if your idea of beautiful and relaxing is cloudless heat.

2) St. Martin/ St. Maarten

A popular european destination for weddings, this borders the dutch and the french. With gorgeous scenery and some un believable venues, do not count it out.

3) Cancun

A common destination, and popular for weddings that want more then just immediate family and close family friends. Great group rates can be found to Cancun, as well as frequent seat sales for flights.

4) The Bahamas

Another destination with predictable weather, it includes everything you would want from just that, to scenery and friendly locals.

5) Jamaica

All though not the safest of countries, it does boast world renowned resorts that do come with peace of mind and safety. It wouldn’t be a top 5 pick if it wasn’t popular.

Cliche or not these are 5 of the most common and beautiful places to get married. The fact that they’re so popular also gives you options and means their is a great market to find everything you will need for your big day. Most resorts will do all aspects from bands, to dance floor set ups and catering. Leaving more of the tasks to them, and more time for you to plan the portion of getting there. A call ahead and some research can make these destinations everything you’ve ever dreamed!