One thing just about all weddings have in common is some form of entertainment for the wedding reception. Some people also utilize entertainment options prior to the wedding ceremony, as well as afterwards as guests are arriving, but the wedding party is still of having pictures taken.

No matter what entertainment options you decide upon for your wedding, you do need to ensure the entertainment area is set up correctly ahead of time. While your Kelowna and Vancouver wedding DJs will take care of setting up and testing their own equipment, there are other aspects that should be done ahead of time to ensure you special day goes as planned.

1. Decorate the area ahead of time keeping your guests’ and DJ’s safety in mind.

Dance floor areas and the location where your DJ will be performing should be clear of potential hazards. Make sure there are no wires, cords, or other obstructions which people could potentially trip over or hit their heads against.

Make sure water-themed decorations are set up in a different location, too. Sure that water fountain with the coloured water goes great with your wedding theme, but can be dangerous if it is near the equipment your DJ is using, as well as can create wet and slippery floors your guests could slip on.

2. Set up food buffets, wedding cake, and wedding gift tables away from the entertainment area.

Tips for Setting up Your Wedding Venue for Your Wedding DJ

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If you crowd food buffet lines, the wedding cake table, and wedding gift table in the same location as your dance floor and entertainment area, it disrupts the flow of people traffic. Guest will be bumping into one another as they are trying to get food, cake, leave a gift, or head onto the dance floor.

A great idea is to have the dance floor and DJ at one end of the venue space and your food lines, cake table, and gift table on the other side of the venue space. In between the two is where you would have your reception dining tables and chairs set up, so it creates clearly defined spaces and better helps control the flow of people traffic.

3. Verify the location of electrical outlets.

If your venue does not have a dedicated dance floor/entertainment space, find out where electrical outlets are located. Based on their ease of access, you will most likely want to use this area as the location where you want your DJ to set up.

4. Verify what equipment the venue will provide.

Some venues have sound systems, speakers, lighting, and other equipment you can use during your wedding reception. Knowing what is available better helps you DJ decide what equipment they need to bring along with them.

For more tips on setting up wedding entertainment areas, or to explore our diverse selections of wedding DJs and assistance in finding the right one for your wedding entertainment, please feel free to contact Airwaves Music at 1-888-676-7772 today!

Airwaves Music - We'll find the perfect wedding DJ for you
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