2. Winds from the seas and oceans can really pick up. Even if the mainland is calm, that doesn’t necessarily mean the same will go for your beach wedding. Consider this when picking a hair style.

3. Don’t be late. Obviously you should never be late for anything planned. But in tropical or really hot locations guests can get extremely agitated and uncomfortable really fast in the heat.

4. Check that their is access to the beach. You don’t want guests in heels and the elderly to have to climb around and struggle to get to your ideal wedding location.

5. Consider using a PA system for the ceremony. If its breezy or the waves are of the larger variety you might need something to amplify all the spoken words. Especially if you have a larger crowd in attendance.

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6. Make sure the reception to follow has towels or something of that nature to wipe off all the sand that your guests have acquired on the beach.

7. Do your vows facing the crowd. That way photographers and your guests can see and get photos of the scenery while you embark on this special moment.

8. Don’t be afraid to go barefoot. This can apply to the wedding part and guests as a whole. It can make for a more authentic experience.

9. Sunscreen is going to be key. If your guests are to be sitting out in the sun for a good hour or two, make sure they don’t show up to the reception in pain and sunburnt. You want them to enjoy this, not remember the negatives. Advise guests to wear it.

10. Have a back up plan incase it rains or the weather doesn’t cooperate.

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