The Vancouver Aquarium

A great way to kill a few hours. Located in the heart of Vancouver’s majestic Stanley Park, their is a lot to keep you busy here. The term aquarium in this case isn’t limited to just sea life. With that being a major part, which includes animals like penguins, whales, otters, jelly fish and of course various types of exotic fish, they also boast an impressive jungle section with birds, reptiles and little mammals alike.

The Capilano Suspension Bride

The picture of Vancouver Beauty. The suspension bridge sits atop a breath taking water fall with a length thats sure to make anyone afraid of heights a little uneasy. However, it isn’t limited to just a suspension bridge. With a village in the trees just beyond the suspension bridge, its really quite magnificent to see the scenery and jump from tree to tree on elevated walkways and look outs literally suspended in the trees.

The Sea Wall

A great walking path surrounds the downtown core and Stanley Park that can eat up a few hours to walk. However, the fact that it surrounds downtown means you can bail on the exercise at any point and go grab a coffee or lunch almost anywhere along the beaten path.