First off, before heading to your honeymoon, take a couple days after the wedding to meet with close friends and family, especially if they traveled an extended amount to attend. Go for lunch and reminisce. This can help you unwind and not have an over excited mind on your get away.

Be sure to confirm your passport information is up to date and hasn’t expired. This can ruin a honeymoon in the blink of an eye. While you’re at it, notify your bank or financial institution, as well as your credit card company that you will be out of town and in this exotic location for an extended period of time. Notify them with the location and dates to avoid having your cards rejected and declined.

Cell Phones Off. You’re on vacation to get away from exactly that. People, emails, phone calls should all be left behind. This is your time together. You booked it to be together and strengthen your bond. Do exactly that. You should how ever leave your location and room number with family, in case of emergency.

Make sure you confirm your reservation to make sure their will be no snags along the way. While on the topic of preparation, do as much packing as possible in the days leading up to the wedding. Its a busy time, but a half hour of packing can ease your mind in terms of post wedding preparation. Then get away and enjoy yourselves!