Kelowna wedding: venues around the city


Wedding Venues near Kelowna

Kelowna has a unique geographic landscape. With such a large lake in the midst of it, and its valley setting, finding a wedding ceremony venue with a beautiful view is not something overwhelmingly difficult to do. Kelowna has a nice selection of golf courses on its outer lying areas that supply that perfect wedding setting most brides are after. With close proximity to its downtown center, moving a wedding party a handful of miles down the road for reception isn’t as argues of a task.

How can I have a nice but cheap wedding venue in Kelowna?

Keeping things local can save you from major headaches and planning complications. As well as supply a unique venue, in your own backyard. This in turn can save you from added expenses like a wedding planner if you are up to the challenge. With a variety of venues available in the Okanagan region, limiting your selection to just Kelowna isn’t written in stone. Venturing out into this long stretch of land offers a rich amount of locations to fit every wedding need. Seclusion and privacy can be found only a short drive away, making so many other options a possibility. With a little nose work on google, it isn’t hard to find a wedding venue for you in this glorified region.

Restaurant weddings are becoming increasingly popular in Kelowna. There are many reasons why restaurant weddings are gaining in popularity in Kelowna British Columbia. One of the most important reasons is that they are cost-effective. The venue, food and drinks all come together to help you have an amazing wedding without breaking the bank. You can even find some rural options in Kelowna British Columbia if you are looking for something with a rustic feel.

The golf courses in Kelowna are on the outskirts of the city, which comes with its own set of advantages. There are some stunning views to be enjoyed when you get married on a golf course.

A garden wedding is an ideal location for a spring or summer wedding. A garden is a perfect spot for exchanging vows and memories with everyone around. The green scenery will match your colourful and lively wedding theme, and everyone will be able to enjoy the sunshine while you say, “I do”.

West Kelowna is the ideal location for any wedding. The venue is surrounded by mountains, lakes, and gardens. It makes an unforgettable venue to say your vows at.

Winery weddings are ideal for the couple who wants an outdoor wedding surrounded by nature. A winery is a perfect location for your big day.

Lake country is an ideal event space for outdoor weddings. There are many sandy beaches that can be utilized for your perfect wedding day. The scenery is amazing, and the weather is always nice in lake country during summertime.