Now i’m not referring to cancelling christmas. But if you wanted to get away this year, or any year for that matter, you do have an option. Booking trips to tropical destinations can be done dirt cheap in some cases (not all) over the christmas holidays. I literally mean christmas holidays. Not a week or two before or after. The airports quiet right down on the 25th as people are all settled in at home. Flights still need to run and typically do so at half capacity. Allowing you to book for cheap as they desperately try to fill these flights. Air Canada and other name brand carriers typically will offer incredible discounts. As will places like Expedia and other companies that book entire holiday packages.

I’ve had the luxury of doing this each year for the past four or five years. Christmas dinner still happens with the family, you just book it a few days ahead (last year we had ours on the 24th and went to Mexico on the 25th first thing in the morning). So you still get that holiday spirit. We exchanged gifts the night before and were off! Its a great way to get away cheap and on a budget!