Wedding Venues We Love
-By Vancouver Wedding DJs-Airwaves Music

Here’s a list of just some of the reason this venue is at the top of our list for Vancouver Wedding Venues!
1) The View- The view of Vancouver from the Sky Ride and the hill itself at night is awe-inspiring. If you have guests from out of town or out of the country who wants to see what Vancouver has to offer and you are looking to wow them, then look no further than Grouse. The Sky Ride alone will set the tone. Which brings me to point number 2.
2) The Sky Ride! Taking a ride up in the Sky Ride to grouse just enhances the adventure on your way to the event. As you ride up, there are two stops along the way where the Sky Rideslightly rocks back and forth. After the first time, it is just part of the ride, but if it is your  guests first time, it will definitely wake them up and set the tone for an evening of excitement.
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3) There are 3 banquet rooms. There are 3 rooms to choose from for events at Grouse, so depending on the size of your wedding or event, you can ensure that you won’t have dead open space in the room during the party. We always say, it’s better to put 60 people in a small room and have that “packed” dance floor feeling than to put 100 people in a football field. It just creates a much better vibe. There is also a view of the city from the banquet rooms which means that amazing vibe you set on your way up in the Sky Ride lasts all night.
4) The Staff. The staff at Grouse Mountain are extremely friendly and accommodating. Andrew is the Wedding Manager at Grouse and he is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. At our very first meeting, him and I met at the Starbucks of the base of the mountain. Within 15 minutes he was taking me on a tour and it instantly felt like meeting up with an old friend. Lynn is the Event Manager at Grouse along with Loraine and they are both extremely organized, efficient planners and are always available via phone or email if you have a last minute request or concern.
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