All though I live in Vancouver, I tend to find myself in Victoria quite frequently. Originally from Edmonton, I have a really good friend out in Victoria, who constantly pressures  and pokes at me to come visit. I usually have no problems giving in, hopping on an hour and a half fairy ride, and relaxing as i head over. Having been there often, I cant help but always comment on the architecture of a high portion of their building downtown and how they resemble, or at least have some sort of european feel to them. Little back alley ways that lead to shops the naked eye cannot see from the road, seemingly endless amounts of brick, as well as a staggering amount of little mom and pop coffee shops and boutiques.

The parliament building also adds a nice unique feature with its age and architecture as well. Not to mention The Fairmont Empress stationed only a block away, with a rich history behind it. Both great photo opportunities for any wedding party, especially considering how unique they are, only to Victoria. With skyrocketing prices of flights across the pond, Victoria is a nice option for those not from there, and even those there, to get a unique, more eastern feel to their wedding. With proper planning, that european feeling wedding is quite attainable.