Research what you want. Don’t go to your florist blind and say you’re open to ideas. Have a general understanding of the style you want. She is there to help you, but you should know generally what you want. The standard rose bouquets, or something outside the box and exotic?

Budget is a big one. Figure out the lowest amount you’re willing to spend and let the florist work with that. This will enable her to pinpoint a price and you can adjust accordingly.

Shop Around. This can save a lot of money for the budget bride. But make sure you’re not sacrificing the quality and integrity of the bouquets. Thats why it also helps to research here.

Flexibility is another big one. Florists are always at the mercy of their distributor. If a flower isn’t in season, thats out of their control. Keep an open mind and have a couple options available.

Communication and Trust. These are huge. Florists are professionals. They’re trying their hardest to run a successful business and to do so, that means you’re happy. Have some faith in what they do. Also, if something is wrong, tell them! Communication is a huge key to anything running smoothly. You’re the paying customer, which means they essentially have to do what you say when it comes to the product you want. Portray that with words. Let them know!