AirwavesWeddingCameraThe photographer at your wedding has one of the biggest jobs. Documenting your big day in picture form. Being there for every little event and moment you and your significant other share, not to mention your wedding party and guests. The photographer is a huge investment and you want to make sure you have the perfect one for you. But it doesn’t seem to difficult to point and shoot a camera does it? A lot actually goes into it and here i’ve listed some questions you definitely need to ask.


Will you have back up equipment at my event?

Pivotal, as you don’t need a single piece of equipment ruining all the captured memories taking place.

Will you still attend should you become sick?

Commitment is a good thing in this position. It is also good to know if this photographer has a back up to fill his position should this untimely occurrence happen.

Do you have an assistant and what does he/she do?

Finding out if the assistant will follow around a separate group or do special shots that take more time to set up can be a huge plus.

Can you work well with the videographer?

Having a photographer that works well and can compile with the videographer adds that extra X factor to any wedding documentation.

Do you search for the best photo op locations?

If the photographer is experienced with the venue or location thats a huge step in your favour. If he does not, will he find that tucked away spot, out of sight thats perfect for your wedding parties photos?

Are you equipped and able to shoot various lighting (indoors and outdoors, such as extreme brightness and low light)?

Most photographers are, otherwise they might need to consider a new profession. Just a formality question, because you never know. Not something you want to find out they cant do on your big day.

You can obviously build on these questions, but this is just some common knowledge and piece of mind you’ll be happy you received some the big day.