AirwavesWeddingDJInsuranceWeddings are expensive, thats definitely not a secret. With the rising cost of living in cities like Kelowna, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, anywhere really, it just makes things go up in price. Its bad enough that weddings cost tens of thousands of dollars, but what happens if an unexpected situation arises just before your big day that isn’t just a quick fix?

Wedding insurance is available. I can bail you out in situations like a vendor you’ve hired going out of business, being a no show or some other financial setback they experience. Some policies can cover bad weather, which in Vancouver and certain parts of BC can be incredibly common. They can also go as far as covering lost items like dresses or wedding rings.

Not all companies offer wedding insurance, but if you search for a good policy that can give you peace of mind, it might be worth it for you. Policies can start as low as 180$ in some cases, but that of course if for minimal coverage. If your not one to go for insurance policies like this, then this article isn’t for you. How ever, with costs of weddings ranging into the 30 thousands in a lot of cases, thats essentially like not getting insurance for a newly purchased car.

Some might find wedding insurance ridiculous and unnecessary, and i’m not saying you should or shouldn’t do it. Its just about your personal preference and protecting your investment. Insurance policies of all kinds can give great peace of mind and really help settle your stomach when you’re sticking your neck out on such high costs. Its something worth looking into, especially  if you’re planning the wedding alone and not through a planner. Its a one time fee that can really bail you out, if you have room in the budget.