You can always start a hunt by shopping around. Google is your friend, use it to your advantage. Find a company that you connect with and that suits the style of meal you have in mind. Once again, you can find this out by testing the water. Ask them what kind of dishes they use (literally ask to see the dishes and serving trays) and evaluate the quality of the product they will be serving with. Also, another red flag, find out if they do more then one a day, or at least more then one on your wedding day. This can be a large organizational problem if they have to scramble to get things from one clients venue like one of the Unique Wedding Venues in Las Vegas, – for a lunch to yours for your big dinner.

When meeting with what feels like the right catering company, be sure to make sure you’ve answered all the follow questions:

What are some of your favorite restaurants?

Is their any allergies or diet issues we should be aware of?

What foods do you want, or not want to be served?

Is their any traditional dishes you would like served?

These questions should come off as standard, but feel free to make a point of getting your voice heard if they don’t come up.

Lastly, cutting costs. Their are a couple ways you can save money. The first, being obvious, downgrade the dish. You don’t need to sacrifice the quality, but go to a top sirloin from a filet Mignon for example. Also, some catering companies offer additional services like cleaning up chairs and setting up certain items. You and a couple friends and family can do it before the wedding begins and save yourself a pretty penny.

Keep these things in mind when hunting for the right catering company!