Sports Car – Not the most out of the box and unique, but something different. Vancouver has a handful of car lots that you can rent exotic cars from with just a deposit and small fee. Though the deposits can get towards the higher end in price, the money is guaranteed to come back to you…. given the car doesn’t end up on its roof after you burn out when leaving your ceremony.

Trolley – Vancouver actually offers a trolley service that can pick up you and your significant other, or your whole wedding party to boot. Sure to be something memorable about your wedding, definitely untraditional and fun. It can be another great option to get around in after the ceremony is done. Great photo opp too!

Boat/Ferry – A great option for pick up as well as the reception, not to mention the ceremony. This is a great one stop shop for a venue, transportation, ceremony and reception. Its fun, unique, and guarantees great photo ops for the whole party as a whole.

Helicopter/Airplane – This one goes towards the bride that isn’t bent on having every single little hair in place, most are though. Not the best choice for all, but helicopters can be rented along with their pilot for a spectacular entrance to any wedding. Especially if the wedding is out doors. These entrances apply more to pilots and military couples getting hitched. All though anyone is open to do them should it tickle your fancy!

All though I mentioned Vancouver in the article, its not directed only to Vancouver couples. Check your local listings to available services!