In the world of weddings, almost the whole aspect of the wedding is tradition. And so it should be. But if your a quirky, outside the box kind of couple, making slight alterations to your wedding day can be a breath of fresh air.

Things like dancing down the isle instead of walking, or riding away from the ceremony in a helicopter. All though pretty far out, they can spice it up and make it really memorable not only for you, but your guests as well.

Focusing on a fun and over the top way to enter the reception or ceremony can make an even bigger statement. It can really set the tone for your wedding and events that day, as well as leave a crazy first impression. And we all know we only get one of those.

If you’re a really outgoing and alive couple, then feel free to wear your favorite sports teams jersey to your reception. Over top of your traditional clothes of course. But their really is no limit to what you can do, thats just an example. If you can dream it, you can do it. Be far out. Do something memorable that you as a couple want to do. As long as its not breaking a family tradition, then just have fun with it. In the end, its your wedding and it should be the way you want it to be and the way you want to remember it!