AirwavesWeddingDJPlannerNo one says you must hire a wedding planner. If you feel you have the time, energy and resources to do it yourself, then give it a shot. I have however, learned that it is an investment they would do over and over again. They have the experience and know how when it comes to the wedding scene and typically have the inside track. This isn’t a pitch for wedding planners as I am not recommending any. Its just a list to help you decide on hiring one or not.

Creation – They will sit and listen to your idea of a dream wedding, down to the last detail and help it all come to fruition. They will also give their two cents on amplifying the effect, tone and feel.

Big Picture – Wedding planners have done it all before. They can help you see the effect of your decisions on a bigger and more full scale.

The Budget – Wedding planners know what everything should cost in the wedding world. They can make your priorities happen within your own budget.

Enjoy it – A good wedding planner will help you enjoy the process of finding and planning your wedding. Instead of making it one giant chaotic chore.

The Timeline – Wedding planners know how to coordinate countless vendors and contractors so that everything remains on schedule and on time.

Knowledge and Know How – Planners have an incredible knowledge of who all the players are in the industry. They have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to who, when, what, where and how to book.

Money – Planners can give you cheaper alternatives without sacrificing quality. Making that dream wedding an affordable reality.

Stress – Your dream wedding involves you being stress free. Planners can make that happen. You shouldn’t be the one stressing and making sure people are on time. Just worry about yourself.


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