Timeline. Obviously a big one, but making sure he has a schedule of when people are going where, and to do what is key to capturing every moment.

Moments. Letting him know when key moments are going to happen. Cake cutting, big dances and so forth.

Guests. Let him know who the key and most important guests are that you have in your party. That way he can focus on shots of you together or moments during the day and night when they place a big role.

Location. Let him or her know the ideal spots and areas you want photos, as well as finding out his thoughts on areas to shoot and lighting styles. He is the professional, don’t forget that his opinion matters too.

Photo editing and style. Giving your photographer examples of wedding photos you like can help too. Letting him know the contrast and look of the photos you like can add a huge factor to the way he shoots them. Don’t be afraid to speak up, you’re paying him.

Time Frame. Is your photographer staying all night? Let him know when you plan on staying till and when you want him to stay till. This ties into the timeline. That way he knows what to expect and you know what he is going to charge, otherwise their could be fireworks you didn’t plan on!