Northern Alberta based music festival “Boonstock” which has been flourishing and establishing a name for itself every spring just north of Edmonton has moved its 2014 location to the quaint town of Penticton. Originally a rock music festival, dance musics meteoric rise has impacted the bands and groups they draw, and while still drawing a handful of rock bands to their set list, the show is (or was the last couple years) heavily based upon EDM now.

With Pentictons gorgeous summer weather in the Okanagan Valley and the loyal fans of this festival in Alberta, it is sure to draw an overwhelmingly large crowd. The amount of tourism and summer economy stimulation is sure to skyrocket and bring prosperity and wealth to this town. With a draw from all of western Canada and an already established festival name, it is sure to see large ticket sales and on coming growth. Weather they stick to their Rock roots or continue along this EDM path, i’m sure the festival will find ways to increase popularity and give Okanagan fans yet another thing to dance and cheer about.