AIrwavesWeddingDJemergencyKitAirwaves Music Kamloops – A brides big day has to go off without any problems. In a perfect world this would never be an issue. However, in the realistic world, their is typically one or two things that can go astray. Hopefully they’re on the smaller end though. Their are a lot of actions a bride can take to combat some issues that might arise. Packing a wedding day emergency kit can save your hide in the eleventh hour. An extended list of items can include

– Hand Sanitizer – Eye Mask – Razors – Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste – Teeth Wipes – Dental Floss – Tic Tacs – Mouth Wash – Tampons – Chap Stick – Band Aids – Kleenex – Tweezers – Lotions – Deodorant – Face Wipes – Q Tips – Hair Comb – Hair Spray – Bobby Pins – Nail Kit – Pins – Mirror – Socks – Tide Pen – Dryer Sheets – Lint Roller – Sewing Kit –

The list is essentially endless. These are just some of the basic items you should consider. Taking an hour to draft up a list weeks before hand and add item by item as you remember can really bail you out in the end. The list doesn’t have to be specific to just hygiene items. It can reach out as far as:

– Energy Drinks – Paper Clips – Exacto Knife – Batteries – Ear Plugs – Medicine Or Supplements – Measuring Tape –

As I said, the list is essentially endless. But anything you can think of to back you up in an emergency will go a long way. Is their such thing as being too prepared? If so, walk that line. No one likes to see issues arise on a wedding day, much less every day. Have these things on hand and you should be significantly more stress free. In the end, all though happy and joyus, your wedding day will still be stressful. Just sit back and enjoy the non stressful parts!