The pressures of post-secondary schooling are a huge factor. With job markets swelling and getting more competitive, seemingly everyday, this puts people off tying the knot for a year of two. The increase in our cost of living has essentially forced people to get a degree, diploma or certificate of some shape or form. In the early 60’s this wasn’t necessary as the spike of technological advancements hadn’t been as predominant as in todays markets. These days, having some sort of schooling and experience with these new found technologies is a must. Adding time and money to your graduation date. This has contributed to current marriage age.

Inflation is another big one. With costs of living sky rocketing, its seems that every day essentials like fuel and groceries have no end to inflated costs in sight, for the same quantity we have obtained for years now. Tying into the post secondary factor, school tuition is not exempt from this. School tuitions going through the roof have caused people to put off marriage even after graduation from post-secondary institutions. Needing a couple years to get on your feet and put a nice dent in your student loan payments has played a huge role.

All though the factor list can be added to and debated, almost endlessly, this writer feels that these are two glaring ones, with no real end in sight.