A quick way to avoid this is to inform the speech givers to not write a novel. Advise them to use cue cards with some points and once they’re out of talking subjects to cut the speech. Yes were all there to laugh and enjoy ourselves, but a half snapped rambling friend that absorbs an hour of your time typically isn’t the answer. Keeping speeches and montages light can help the evening move smoothly and more importantly, on schedule.

Another tip is to get the DJ involved. You can warn and give the speech givers a selected amount of time to deliver their speeches and give them a little breathing room, but have them know that the DJ will slowly bring music in if they drag on too long. This isn’t meant to be rude, hence letting them know before hand. Its more of a mechanism to make sure your wedding stays on track and on schedule. It works for the oscars, why not for you?

Lastly, just talk to them. Let them know you have a schedule to stick to that includes the cake cutting, eating, other peoples speeches and dancing. Ask them to try and keep it light and relatively quick but make sure they don’t feel rushed. A large portion of people are afraid of public speaking. Be nice about it and keep your fingers crossed that they will deliver. Have some faith in those around you and enjoy your night!