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Book More Brides

As a wedding business owner, I discovered an amazing resource about 1 year ago called Book More Brides (

This blog is AMAZING and I’ve been using it to grow my business. They teach you everything you could ever want to know about marketing, sales, social media and free tools you can give your customers and prospective clients to help them plan their wedding.

But it was only recently that I discovered the true power of Book More Brides. I signed up to their course called the Automatic Expert and I feel like it is changing my life. Every month I make a point to personally call a few brides as the owner of the company (we have in-house wedding planners who call them day to day). On the calls, I like ask brides how their experience with our company differs from that of other DJ companies before they’ve booked as one of my goals is to provide the best customer service anywhere in North America. When I talk to the brides, the most common thing they tell me is that they often call other DJ companies and don’t hear back for nearly a week.

That makes me stop and think. If I was charged by my wife-to-be to hire a DJ for our wedding and that company or freelancer took a week to get back to me, it would put me on edge. If they can’t return my call when I am looking to hire them, how can I expect them to call me when I have already paid? Customer service leading up to the sale is therefore the strongest indicator of future customer service. As a company owner, I am always looking for ways to run Airwaves like a fortune 500 enterprise and therefore I am constantly on the hunt for resources. I’ve found many good ones, but until today, I hadn’t found one that I considered GREAT. Until the Automatic Expert, that is.

The automatic expert is put on by a husband and wife team out of NYC named Jeff and Stephanie (they are awesome people by the way) and they basically teach how to follow up with your prospective leads AUTOMATICALLY. This is a real game-changer for us because it is instant. They also teach some of the philosophical parts of the sales which really resonated with me such as what indicators of trust the bride needs to see before she is ready to book. It all is just basic human nature but these are things that I personally don’t really think about in my daily life. Think about it though, the bride needs to trust you before she can book. It seems pretty obvious but it isn’t. Stephanie and Jeff go on to say, that your company is probably (it better be) VERY trustworthy already and you probably have a great reputation, you just have to communicate that to the potential client. So this game isn’t about hard selling or “convincing” someone to buy. It’s about properly communicating all the amazingness that already IS your business.

So I know I’ve gone on a little bit of a rant, but this course is life changing. Check it out! And while your at it, check out book more brides! They rock.