Seen as more of an art piece, is an over the top, custom crafted cake a necessity for a wedding and why should or shouldn’t you have one? It really boils down to the couple and what their budget is. Buying a gorgeous pre made traditional style wedding cake can save you a fortune on this baked good which is a fraction of the price as its custom counterpart. But if the budget allows for it, a custom cake can be a main centre piece to any wedding. Giving your guests something to talk about and remember – post wedding – is something any couple would want.

Making lasting impressions and memories for not only yourselves but your guests is something any couple is after. But more often then not, that tower of sugar is something most people wont have pop out. In an increasing attempt to live healthier too, people stay away from these sugary goods, also putting this into perspective. How much will you have left to throw out or take home at the end of the night, and at what cost?

Weighing the pros and cons will help you make a decision. Shop around, get a good quote. If you’re going custom, have an idea of what you want it to look like. If possible, haggle a little. But in the end, if you’re on a specific budget, the traditional cake is a safe bet and has always been popular. Thats why its traditional.