1) Decide Who Your Target Demographic Is

This is crucial. Before you spend a cent on anything, figure out the audience you’re bringing in and attracting. This will help you have a clear cut decision on the venue, look and feel of the party. Do not let your mind wander because you’ll be subject to the scope of your party becoming to watered down and thinned out, or too broad.

2) Make A List

This should come as second nature if you’re event planning. This is a great habit to get into for real life, regardless of event planning or not, but anyway. Look at the event through the eyes of a guest. Imagine you’re the one showing up. Think of every single aspect that would run through your mind. For example, how am i getting there? What is the lighting like? What do i wear? What kind of footwear do i wear? Do i bring anything? How late is this going? Is their food? Do I eat before hand? Will i need a cab later? and so on. The list can essentially be endless, but if you can tackle a heavy majority over the span of weeks, you should be in good shape.

3) Be Clear On The Purpose

Make sure you dont forget why your throwing the event. That is always a huge priority. Is this event to make money? Is it to build my client base or brand name? Always being focused on why you are hosting the event will keep a success driven mindset.