AirwavesWeddingDjBuffetThe catering aspect of a wedding can be full of difficult choices. Chicken or Fish? Fish or Beef? What side dishes? Regardless of food tastes and thoughts, another tough decision thats going to come find you is what style of dinner do you want? All though they are both good choices in their own respect, lets look at some of the pros and cons.

Buffet – Is a great option. Why? Because you can have as much food as you would like. However, all though that is a gleaming plus, buffets can be a strain on the budget for that reason right there. A lot of couples feel that they save money on serving costs with a buffet and that could be true, but its to hard to guess how much every guest will consume. Yes, their is less staff needed due to the fact that a couple servers can put the trays of food out as opposed to a plethora of servers taking food to precise locations in the reception hall. You have to weigh these pros and cons based on your numbers.

Sit Down – A treat for the guests as they have to do minimal work in getting their food in front of them. As i stated earlier, their are more servers necessary to complete this task, but you can control food portions. That in itself can save your budget. An added plus is people wont over stuff themselves and get drowsy shortly after. Having people full and content without being over stuffed will bring more energy and life to your wedding. Thats another Pro to consider.

In the end its your call what to do. Your budget might call for either one. These are just some points to remember when deciding. Now get back to deciding if you want to serve chicken or fish!