First things first is to set the date and pick a venue. Make sure to have alternative dates should your dream location be booked on your dream date. Remember that bookings are the most popular on saturdays, followed by fridays, and lastly sundays. Usually let desired dates can come with reduced rates. Thats something you can remember if you’re on a tight budget.

Next, once you have the location and date, make sure to secure your wedding location with a deposit. To confirm that it is indeed guaranteed to you on that date and for that time.

Often forgotten is booking your minister. This one is usually looked past. Do not forget, or their will be no wedding. Ministers can get booked just as fast as venues, so be on the ball with that one.

Obtain a wedding license. This one can also be often forgotten. Google can supply you with all the necessary information on the topic.

Lastly, interview and inquire about your wedding vendors. Make a list of the main ones like, catering, DJ’s and your cake maker. Then go get quotes and get in contact with a handful of each. From there, narrow it down to one or two and pick from that. Make sure they’re all available for your date and make a point of asking if they’re doing another event that day.