AirwavesWeddingsetupYour wedding total can get out of hand pretty quickly. And of course by total I mean budget. British Columbia cities like, Kelowna, Victoria and Vancouver are on the rise in term of living costs. All the small things can add up so fast and that too isn’t exclusive to just weddings. For the budget bride, finding and removing all the small things can really take the stress off your pocket book without compromising the final product that is your wedding.

A big area you can avoid a large hit is setting up. A lot of companies that are hired charge a hidden or quietly incorporated set up free that can be neutralized with a little extra planning. This goes for venue costs as well. Getting the groom and a few of his friends to go set up tables chairs and centre pieces can save money from the venue cost. Some venues will insist that they set up so they can collect on this fee, but their is no harm in asking, if possible.

Your friends and family are there to help you on your big day. If this is your request, hopefully you’ll have a small army there to help you out. This can go for setting up the catering company as well. Asking these companies if theirs anyway to help set up to lower costs can sometimes work to you and your pocketbooks advantage. Speak up and ask. In the end theirs no harm in simply asking.