All though theirs no one way to be prepared for something negative to happen, you can at least put the odds of finding a quick solution in your favour. Make a two-column list when you start planning the event. As you add features to your event, add them to the list. In one column put the possible problem that could arise. In the other, put your solution to the problem. For example, if your sound system fails know if the rental company has others available on that day and if they can bring them down on immediate notice. Also, you can ask if this is an option when you’re renting in the first place and what kind of guarantee they offer.

Another way you can prepare for the unexpected is to be readily available to roll up your sleeves and help out. This can range anywhere from issues that your guests have with accommodations, all the way to helping out with the catering to making sure its done on time. Dont be afraid to have a change of clothes on site too. This can apply to helping clean up in the end, which will ensure you dont ruin your best suit, but can also bail you out should you spill on your suit or get it dirty at any point in the night and want to retain the most professional look. Theirs really no end to how prepared you can or cant be, but just taking an hour when you start planning to mow over some of these possible hiccups can bail you out in a big way in the end.