Make a point of having refreshments on hand to those who are meticulous with being early or on time. Have an area at your reception and even your ceremony with light snacks and drinks can keep your guests happy and avoid complaints. It is quite common for people to start loosing their patience due to hunger, so having something to neutralize that is always a plus.

Another way to neutralize people from getting impatient and antsy is to have something to occupy them. While you’re out getting an extra half hour of photographs taken due to the way the sun is setting, having a pre made little slide show on a projector can direct people attention away form your absence. Taking some time to throw together some fun slides while people wait and chat can prove positive. You’re just attempting to keep your guests unaware of your absence and keep their minds off of how you’re not on schedule. No matter how little or large it is.

Most people will expect to wait at some point over the course of a full day of wedding festivities. If you’re going to be late for a portion of your wedding the best advice is just to let people know. Give your guests a ball park range of how much extra time you’re going to need. If you need a pinch more time getting ready or taking those last few glamour shots, then let them know. Its your big day and you’re surrounded by friends and family, they are sure to understand.