Removing fights over money from your relationship can be done simply through setting a budget list and sticking to it. Easier said then done, I know. But at least you have some sort of pre agreed upon blue prints you can follow. Sticking to this as best as you can will limit so many issues that could possibly arise as a couple.

If possible avoid using plastic to pay for your wedding expenses. Your new future together holds so many unforeseen expenses that will arise. Having credit available if the cash isn’t will be key for that point and time. Now obviously a lot of couples don’t have the full amount of funds saved to beat all the bills come wedding day, but the more the better. That extra two hundred you pitched in will have gone a long way come the post wedding.

Having an amount saved will also give you accurate reading on how elegant, expensive and over the top your wedding can be. Use that as your motivation when cutting your spending habits to save for this big day. Having more options for things like vendors, venues, cake size and how much you can spend on the dress will give you a higher chance of achieving that dream wedding you’ve always thought about. Find ways to motivate yourself to save.