AirwavesWeddingDJBachelorPartyThe bachelor and bachelorette parties are looked forward to, but frowned upon by many. Periodically they can cause problems that would never have come to the table otherwise. If it is something both parties are excited about and agree on then their are a handful of steps you can take to make them a success.

Make a list of the possible activities you can do. You’re the best man or woman for a reason, you know the one getting married the best. This shouldn’t be too difficult a task and you should be able to come up with a handful of items. Don’t be afraid to ask what the married person wants to do on the list more then others. If Vegas is out of the question and cant be afforded, then respect that and move on down the list. You want to make this day more about him or her. Not yourself.

Next, make a guest list. Run it by the person getting married to make sure it is to his or her liking and that they haven’t left anyone out. This can typically be more of a task you work on as a duo. Same goes for the date. Something you should plan as a duo. Make sure their is no over lapping events and that the party isn’t to close to the wedding day. After that, sending out the invitations can be an easy chore, thanks to modern technology. Odds are everyone on the guest list has some sort of social media or email. That way they can be contacted quickly and efficiently.

Be sure to make reservations so the day goes off without an issue. Once the day arrives, help break the ice between people that don’t know each other. Keep it social and do your best to not let it get out of hand. In the end, enjoy it!