Colors tend to be affiliated with certain feelings and emotions. That why when people think of heaven they think of happy and uplifting, then the colors white and gold come to mind. Hell has a similar feel but you think of red and black. Odd example but its often true. Times of year also have affiliation with colors. Christmas has green and red, while fall has yellow orange and brown. Picking colors for the various aspects of your wedding or event can and is a big decision. Don’t stick with the first color of bridesmaid dress you see, shop around for what ever it is you’re looking for, find a few options you like, then make the tough decision.

Colors can correspond to the following feelings:

• Orange – Warm, invigorating, friendly
• Yellow – Happy, uplifting, sunny
• Red – Action, energetic, bold
• Green – New growth, fresh,
• Blue – Comfort, homey, soothing
• Purple – Royalty, regal
• White – Crisp, soft, clean
• Black – Dramatic, menacing

Obviously colors correspond to a lot more feelings, but these are just the basics. Decide on a feel or tone you want to achieve and look for colors that compliment and enforce that tone. People do have different feelings towards different colors, but typically they are in the same general field. Play around with it and find colors that compliment what your looking for. Also, don’t be afraid to pick colors because YOU like them.